I’m an experienced analyst, researcher and software developer with 10 years of commercial experience, now leading the Energy & Climate team in the Instrat Foundation. I am an expert in gathering, analyzing and visualizing large amounts of data and using them to tackle complex problems such as climate change and the green energy transition.

Paweł Czyżak

What I'm good at

and what I like doing most

Data analysis

Data analysis and visualization, machine learning, modelling, forecasting, econometrics, reporting, optimization.


Renewable energy & climate change, economical and technical perspective, policy, coal phase-out.


IT architecture, software development (C#, Javascript, X++, Python, R and others) and testing (automated and manual)

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My latest publication

Instrat Policy Paper 01/2021

Coal phase-out scenario for Poland, matching the EU GHG-55% climate targets and taking into account economic, technical, social issues, while adressing concerns about energy security. The result of a detailed energy modelling analysis using Instrat’s PyPSA-PL model.

As a hobby, I like to take energy-related photos