23 MAY 2021

The Court of Justice of the EU ordered Poland to shut down the Turów lignite mine, which means the closure of the nearby power plant. The owner – PGE, and the government are claiming this to be impossible, raising energy security concerns. The article presents modelling results showing that the closure of Turów does not pose a threat to Poland’s security and will not increase electricity prices substantially.

19 APR 2021

The Polish government is planning to restructure the electricity market, combining the majority of coal generation assets under one state-owned entity. This introduces several risks, mainly related to the economics and the pace of decarbonization, potentially compromising the 2030 GHG-55% targets for the whole EU.

14 Sept 2020

The development of onshore wind in Poland is a perfect example of how rapid policy changes can accelerate or (in this case) completely block the energy transition. The 10H proximity rule introduced in 2016 stopped wind farm investments. The government is proposing to change it. The article shows how this can affect land availability and the potential of onshore wind in Poland. 

20 Aug 2020

A brief analysis of the trends and developments in global coal data, with an excel sheet and powerpoint available.

6 July 2020

An exercise using the Plotly framework showing the variability of wind, solar and the electricity demand on some interactive plots. Python code available.