Lead, Modeller

PyPSA-PL – the first and very detailed bottom-up open power system model for Poland using the PyPSA framework, available publicly on Github. Featured in Instrat’s trilogy on the Polish coal phase-out (see ‘Publications’).

Lead, Modeller

PyPSA-UK – a bottom-up open power system model for the UK using the PyPSA framework, available publicly on Github. Featured in Ember’s briefing on UK 2030 clean power (see ‘Publications’).

Lead, Modeller

A transmission grid investment model with hundreds of generators and an exact (75-200 node) representation of the Polish TSO 400/220kV network. Featured in Instrat’s trilogy on the Polish coal phase-out (see ‘Publications’).

Lead, Analyst

Spatial model of available wind and PV potential in Poland based on the GLAES framework, taking into account several economic, geographic and social aspects.


Detailed power plant database with per unit granularity and SRMC assessment and forecasts (2020-2040).

Pricing and energy risk model


Bottom-up energy price forecasting model for Poland, based on fundamental factors and VAR/ECM time series analysis. Energy risk model based on energy mix forecast calculating LOLE / EENS values. Both are part of my PhD thesis and will be published in the near future.

Lead, Architect and software developer

First open energy data hub in Poland, developed by the Instrat Foundation. The portal contains energy, coal and climate data from multiple sources, Polish and foreign, updated live. The platform was developed in Python and is one of the most complex examples of using the Dash/Plotly framework in Poland – including multiple language support, integration with WordPress, data export and more.


On-line coal plant viability calculator that estimates the NPV, IRR and LCoE for a coal power plant based on multiple scenarios, each using different forecasts of energy prices, coal prices, CO2 prices etc.

Other software and analysis projects

Developer, Analyst

I’ve been building websites since I was 8. I’ve worked on numerous commercial IT and analysis projects for the energy, telco, financial and retail sectors, including PowerBI solutions, high-performance data transformation tools, critical front-end systems with 500k+ simultaneous users.